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School Security Division
MPD is responsible for providing security personnel services to the DCPS in a manner that meets the professional standards of effective school security as well as the expectations of DCPS. Additionally, the MPD is responsible for managing the security guard contract and ensuring that contract requirements are met. The MPD will assign a substantial number of specially trained police officers to secondary and selected other schools to assist in maintaining a safe environment and serving as a resource for DCPS students and staff. They will ensure that the basic security and safety standards are met and implement a Policing for Prevention approach to school safety.

Roles and Responsibilities

Lieutenant Roles and Responsibilities

Lieutenant, School Safety Division. These three lieutenants are assigned to geographic responsibilities within the Division. Each official will provide functional supervision to all School Resource Officer Coordinators (SROCs). They will also be tasked with monitoring contract security services and remedying any discrepancies, in coordination with MPD’s Contract Monitoring Unit.
Their main functions will be to respond to schools both for regular site visits and for security-related incidents. A major component of their responsibilities will be to work with PSA officials to ensure there is a collaborative relationship established between the School Safety Division, District members, DCPS, as well as the community. This will be accomplished by attending PSA meetings, crime briefings, PTSA meeting and other venues where pertinent information is exchanged.

Sergeant Roles and Responsibilities

Sergeants will provide first-line supervision to the School Resource Officers in specific police districts. They will ensure the SROs receive information about any significant incidents that could occur in the schools to which they are assigned. They will notify the Lieutenant and District Commander and/or Watch Commander of any significant incident or crime that occurs in or immediately around schools. The Sergeants will provide the necessary communications link between other police district officials and the SROs during incidents with in the schools or in preventing spillover events. They will be responsible for providing direction and monitoring of the contract security personnel and may act to remedy deficiencies by coordinating with the contracted officers assigned to the various schools, or the Cluster Supervisor.

School Resource Officer (SRO) Roles and Responsibilities

School Resource Officers are MPD officers assigned to individual schools as the primary point of contact for day-to-day school security services at that school. Under this arrangement they are assigned to the School Security Division and detailed to the PSA that contains that assigned school.
The SROs will monitor the quality of security guard services being provided and will work closely with the school Principal to develop and implement a school safety plan and violence prevention programs. They will be tasked with monitoring the security conditions in the assigned school and in the vicinity of the school; and respond to crime and disorder incidents related to the school. They will accomplish their mandate by maintaining a close liaison with the school faculty and staff, as well as the security officers assigned to that school. SROs will have the ability to conduct follow up investigations on reported disorder or crime incidents affecting school safety. In order for an MPD officer to serve as an SRO, he or she will have to have successfully completed School Safety Division training.

COTR Roles and Responsibilities

Contract Compliance Monitor Roles and Responsibilities

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