Every 15 Minutes


The Every 15 Minutes program is a first-generation model of school-based alcohol prevention that incorporates simulated alcohol-related consequences with various community elements. School-based alcohol prevention programs are essential in helping to reduce and eliminate alcohol use among adolescents. Evaluative mechanisms to assess these programs are also vital to developing effective educational strategies that address the circumstances that place adolescents at risk for underage drinking and driving under the influence. Elemental to effective school-based alcohol prevention programs are integrated community wide initiatives to raise awareness of the consequences of underage alcohol use and to deter access through a combination of countermeasures including legal, enforcement, medical, media, and political entities.

Every 15 Minutes program is a model of both school- and community-based alcohol prevention that incorporates simulated alcohol-related consequences with community elements that include students, parents, educators, school administrators, health systems, and law enforcement personnel.

For Additional Information on El Rancho Unified School District’s Every 15 Minutes program contact: Jeff Fitchett at jfitchett@erusd.k12.ca.us .


In 2005, about 10.8 million persons aged 12-20 (28.2% of this age group) reported drinking alcohol in the past month. Nearly 7.2 million (18.8%) were binge drinkers, and 2.3 million (6.0%) were heavy drinkers.

Motor vehicle crashes remain the number one cause of death among youth aged 15-20. There were 7,460 youth motor vehicle deaths in 2005. (This includes both drivers and passengers.)

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