Element Two

admin - Posted on 03 January 2010

Element 2: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug (ATOD) Prevention Activities

To prevent and reduce use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use ERUSD will implement evidence-based curricula and provide training and educational seminars on awareness and prevention of ATOD use. We will expand existing educational and intervention services and programs; hire coordinators; expand and forge existing and new collaborations with community partners. To prevent and reduce ATOD use and meet Objective #1 ‘reduce marijuana use’; Objective #2 ‘reduce alcohol use’; Objective #3 ‘reduce tobacco use’; we will implement the following evidence-based curricula. Too Good for Drugs (TGFD) program, currently provided for the 5th grade, will be expanded to all students in grades K-8. School Site Coordinators will be identified at each school to monitor implementation of the curricula, track number of hours provided, and ensure students’ participation. All School Site Coordinators will be sent to the national training center for TGFD training. Chief Jeff Fitchett, working closely with neighboring police and fire departments, will provide the Every 15 Minutes program to the high schools during prom season. A trainer for Project EX will be hired to implement this evidence-based smoking cessation program. At-risk students will be identified utilizing the Project EX surveys for participation. To meet Objective #4 ‘increase perceived harm with ATOD use’ and Objective #5 ‘provide counseling services’, ERUSD will hire a Substance Abuse Counselor and provide educational training and seminars for both teachers and parents regarding drug trends, early warning signs, and community resources available for supporting these efforts. To support at-risk students, ERUSD will expand our current contract with New Beginnings Recovery Treatment Center. New Beginnings provides counseling, rehabilitation services, and referrals. They will also provide substance abuse treatment for ERUSD students on probation. The Substance Abuse Counselor will provide individual and group therapy for at-risk students and work with students and families in need of additional or alternative service providers.

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Too Good for Drugs

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