Element Three

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Element 3: Student Behavioral, Social, and Emotional Supports

In order to increase behavioral, social, and emotional supports for students in the school setting ERUSD will expand evidence-based curricula on promoting pro-social behavior; implement a bullying prevention program; and create a formal mentoring program. In response to the low number of assets reported by students, ERUSD will expand and fully implement the CHARACTER COUNTS! program. To ensure successful implementation of this program, ERUSD will hire an Evidence-Based Intervention Program Facilitator and expand this program to all ERUSD school sites. Participants will take steps to initiate or nurture positive relationships, intercede in negative interactions, and take steps to complete an action plan that accomplishes the above goals. Under this grant, ERUSD will coordinate and increase the number of students enrolling in mentoring services and attending after-school programs. ERUSD will hire a part-time After-School/Mentoring Liaison to develop the mentoring program, matching at-risk students with mentors. Mentors will be volunteer students from local colleges and universities. To further address and promote pro-social behaviors, we will implement the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program for students in grades K through 12. The program will provide 500 hours of bullying prevention training for K-12 staff, students, and their parents.

Element Leader: Lorraine Jimenez

Lorraine Jimenez has a long title behind her name: Evidence-Based Intervention Programs Facilitator for the El Rancho Unified School District. It means that Ms. Jimenez will be responsible for the implementation and oversight of all the evidence-based programs for the Element Three working group that includes student behavioral, social, and emotional support systems being implemented under the new Safe Schools/Healthy Students grant initiative. Ms. Jimenez reports directly to Project Coordinator Dora Soto-Delgado.

In addition to Element Three, Ms. Jimenez will be overseeing the CHARACTER COUNTS! And Olweus Bullying Prevention programs at each school site, working in concert with principals and teachers. She is a resource for marketing materials and will be maintaining curriculum libraries, in addition to her responsibility to maintain the fidelity of the programs and evaluations thereof.

Ms. Jimenez is a product of the El Rancho Unified School District schools; she attended Rio Hondo College and is a 35-year resident of Pico Rivera. Her background includes experience in accounting, medical transcription and office management. For two years she was the District’s senior bookkeeper organizing and managing up to 72 grant accounts, so she comes into her new role with a wealth of practical experience and a desire to be part of new, innovative programs being developed under the new grant.

Lorraine is the proud mom of four kids; one a graduate of Northwestern University, another is a professional barber. A third is currently a student at Oregon State University and the youngest is a student at El Rancho High School. She’s a busy woman keeping up with her sons' interests, activities, and athletics, but she also makes time for herself by enjoying hobbies such as knitting, gift making, cooking, with some time thrown in for biking and being a sports enthusiast. The District is fortunate to have a dedicated and talented personality such as Lorraine Jimenez to carry out the vital intervention programs now underway.

After-School Mentoring Liaison

El Rancho Unified School District is pleased to introduce Yvette Loredo del Toro who now serves as the After-School Mentoring Liaison. As a liaison, Ms. Loredo del Toro will not only be expanding the network of after-school choices, but will also be working with site principals to encourage student participation in the programs and opportunities to be offered to all students within the District.

Yvette will find a wealth of service providers to call upon including the REACH program, After School All Stars Los Angeles and Gear-Up, as well as reaching out to develop partnerships with local universities to participate in the mentoring program. She will provide marketing materials and disseminate information about the mentoring opportunities available through the newly established SS/HS grant initiative. Ms. Loredo del Toro also serves on Element Working Group targeting student behavioral, social and emotional supports.

Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Yvette attended North Hollywood Zoology Magnet High School where she became passionate about animal science and wildlife conservation. With that background, she is a good fit as a current Education Specialist for the Los Angeles Zoo, educating the public on issues facing wildlife around the world, animal behavior and health. She enjoys teaching zoological courses to primary age youngsters and has fun facilitating tours and overnight stays at the zoo. And this very busy young woman is also a credentialed tutor for the Whittier City School District’s Jump Start program teaching a daily 8:00 a.m. math and language arts class to 20 multi-age students.

She graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a B.A in Psychology. While in college, Yvette served as a veterinary tech confirming her belief that dogs give us special insights into unconditional love, responsibility, and relationships.

In addition to her extra-curricular work with animals, Yvette was busy developing an Early Intervention Plan for alcohol and drug abuse for incoming LMU freshmen and received the Americorps award for completing over 300 hours of community service in the field of education.

However, it’s not all work and no play for Yvette Loredo del Toro! She is a member of the World Adult Kickball Association and says her play in right field “satisfies her inner child and offers an awesome workout!” The District is delighted to have such a focused, well-rounded, and interesting individual acting as its mentoring liaison.

Element 3: Activities

Character Counts!

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

Mentoring Program