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ERUSD LogoEl Rancho Unified School District (ERUSD) is a 2009 recipient of the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Grant Initiative. ERUSD is one of twenty-nine recipients of this highly competitive grant, and joins five other school districts in the State of California to receive the 2009 award. Four hundred and twentytwo school districts around the country applied for this coveted grant.


  • Truancy Program
  • Too Good For Violence
  • Too Good for Drugs
  • Every 15 Minutes
  • Project EX
  • Character Counts!
  • Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
  • Mental Health Screening and Services
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Parenting Classes
  • Pregnant Teens Program

The SS/HS Initiative focuses on safe school environments and violence prevention activities, alcohol and other drug prevention activities, student behavioral, social, and emotional supports, mental health services, and early childhood social and emotional learning programs. Through the implementation of SS/HS programs and activities, the District’s goal is to reduce truancy, decrease disciplinary actions and improve student academics. The SS/HS grant is geared towards creating a safe and healthy learning environment for students and their families. 

The SS/HS Initiative draws on best practices of education, justice, social services, and mental health systems to provide integrated and comprehensive resources for prevention programs and pro-social services for youth.  ERUSD and their community partners proposed an integrated, comprehensive, communitywide, and community-specific plan to address the problems of school violence and alcohol and other drug abuse. 

Mission and Purpose of Core Management Team (CMT):
ERUSD takes a comprehensive approach in forming school-community committees and collaborations using best practices and programs that include strategies involving prevention, intervention, and enforcement.  Student, parent, and community involvement are key components in supporting activities that will improve student skills and behavioral training as well as school environments. The purpose of the CMT is to serve the students, staff, families, and community by improving school safety, reducing school violence, providing mental health services, encouraging pro-social student behavior, and improving student perception of safety resulting in improved academic performance and attendance. The CMT has clearly defined goals, milestones, objectives, and evaluation plans in place.


An experienced administrator in the El Rancho Unified School District, Mrs. Dora Soto-Delgado, has been made Project Coordinator for the newly-awarded federal grant initiative, Safe Schools/Healthy Students. Mrs. Soto-Delgado has been with the District for 13 years. She has an educator’s heart, strongly believing that every student deserves the right to succeed. Her passion for education and equal opportunity has served this District well and will continue to as she takes over the time-consuming job of Project Coordinator for the new Grant Initiative. 

Dora Soto-Delgado - Project Coordinator

The new Administrative Assistant for El Rancho Unified School District’s Safe Schools/Healthy Students Grant programs is a young woman who started working in District offices about seven years ago doing a bit of everything from bookkeeping to scheduling to office management. Now Ms. Leos will be providing administrative assistance to the entire project, reporting directly to Project Coordinator, Dora Soto-Delgado. She is a member of the Core Management Team and participates with the Element Working Group.

Sonia Leos was educated in the El Rancho District schools and attended Cerritos and Rio Hondo Community Colleges. She has a talent for supporting the administration with her organizing skills and has enjoyed working with parents, students, and staff in school activities.

Sonia loves road trips to Arizona, sushi, purses, Pai Gow, and buys high heels she never wears! She has two cats, a boyfriend named Ben, and a dream of becoming a pharmacist, and then in retirement wants to live in Las Vegas. This is a woman with long-term plans!

The District welcomes the supportive know-how Sonia Leos brings to the SS/HS grant team, in addition to her enthusiastic and fun-loving personality. 

Sonia Leos - Administrative Assistant
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